Carpet Cleaning should be on your Spring Cleaning List and here’s why: if carpet is not cleaned and cared for regularly and correctly, it can become a health issue.

Do-Have your Carpet Cleaned Professionally.

Don’t-wait too long in between cleanings.

Why is carpet cleaning so important? Besides keeping your home clean, it could greatly impact your families health! Do you have children or pets who frequently play on your carpet? They are especially susceptible to contaminates found in the fibers of your carpet including dirt and food along with other pollutants. These pollutants make way for bacteria and microbes to move in your home with you and your family and they hide deep within your carpet.  On top of being unsanitary, the dirt and other debris collected in carpet can act like sand paper to carpet fibers.  When this happens, the life of your carpet is lowered and you will start to see more severe traffic patterns in the areas most walked on.  All of this can be avoided with regular professional carpet cleanings.

Don’t-use a rented machine.

It seems like, to be cost effective, we would consider using a rented carpet cleaner or home carpet cleaner and clean our carpets ourselves.  However,  the home and rented versions simply don’t pack the punch a commercial grade carpet cleaning system offers. Along with that, most homeowners have never been trained to properly clean carpets. It is an art, a science, and an acquired skill—and it’s a process that needs to be done just right to protect your carpet and your home. Even the wrong concentration of chemical or the wrong kind of chemical will leave your carpets filling dirtier than before and attract more dirt, faster.

Don’t- use a discount Carpet Cleaner or a “cheap cleaner.” You get what you pay for. If you don’t pay for much, your carpets will show it.

Another scenario to avoid is “cheap cleaners.” Cheap carpet cleaning services might save a homeowner money initially, but could possibly cost you more money down the road by having to call in another company to come clean your carpets or worse, the cost of having to replace carpet. An untrained technician will not have the knowledge needed to properly mix chemical, where to use what kind of chemical, or how to treat difficult stains leaving your carpets worse off.  They can also over saturate your carpets or not block up furniture correctly leaving them susceptible to warping or rotting.

The biggest problem across the industry with “cheap cleaners” is their inconsistent quality of service—you never know what you are getting.

Do- call ARS for carpet and upholstery cleaning!

ARS takes great care in training and following industry standards and protocol when it comes to carpet cleaning. We also employ the use of commercial grade equipment and cleaning solutions to penetrate deep into the carpet and remove dirt and debris along with treating stains. We can also treat your carpet with protective substances that block future soiling making your carpet look cleaner longer.

ARS Flood & Fire Cleanup Carpet Cleaning

Stains can be super tricky! Don’t make a stain even worse by guessing how to clean it up! Let ARS clean it for you!